Last 3 Trips: Kayak & Jetty & Surf

I haven't posted in a while, but we have been fishing a lot. Here are 3 recent vids of our trips. 

If you're not into vids, at least watch the first 30sec of the surf fishing vid. You'll see how crazy the mullet run is right now.

First vid is of kayak trip to the Ft George area. We caught a lot of reds, and had one of Griff's school buddies join us.

This vid is my short solo Mayport jetty trip yesterday. The mullet were crazy thick, and there were tarpon everywhere. I managed a couple of oversized reds.


And this last vid is of me and Griff's surf trip this morning. Like I said, the mullet run is amazing at times! Griff also landed a sweet pomp.


- Joey


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