Fort Pierce 10/5

Today Tania and I went out for our weekly fishing trip. We hit the docks at 7am and were at our spot by 7:30am. We tried a channel marker we had not tried before. The wind was blowing at a good clip, which made it interesting to anchor. We tried this spot for about 15 minutes and neither Tania nor I got a bite so we moved to a channel maker that usually holds fish. The current and wind were both going in the same direction, which made it better for anchoring. We fished this marker for about an hour and half and we did pretty good. We ended up catching about six under sized mutton snappers, three sheepshead,  three legal mangrove snapper, a mojarra (sand perch), and we were both broken off by something pretty good, unfortunately I can only imagine it was a slot snook as we never got them to the surface. We also got to watch an osprey eating his breakfast, fish of course, about 150 yards away. Tania and I decided that we would bring our good camera next time to get some good pictures. While we were fishing the channel marker, we had two other boats anchor within 100 yards of us. They were far enough away it didn’t bother me as much as it bothered Tania. She was upset as we were the only boat in the inlet when we started and then these two boats just show up and anchor next to us. When the tide went slack the bite slowed down so we moved to our favorite spot. The wind and current were both going in the same direction, which made it much easier to anchor on our spot. We landed numerous lane snapper; I only kept the larger ones 9-11 inches. We ended up back at the dock, out of bait and a cooler full of fish, by 11am. All in all it was a beautiful day on the water.  On the drive home from Fort Pierce Marina, we got to see about ten peacocks strutting their stuff along the side of the road. Unfortunately since I spent all day traveling yesterday, I was a bit wiped out so I did not cook any of my fish tonight. I am planning on making fish tacos tomorrow. When I cook them up I will add some pictures. Tight lines all.


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