Vilano surf fun

Dad and I hit the surf at the gas station this morning before sunrise.  We were greeted by a stiff easterly breeze and tons of sargasso on the sand and in the water.  While considering the conditions and discussing whether a second cup of coffee might be a better option than fighting the weeds we started noticing fins in the pre-dawn light.  Lots of fins, big fins and tons of mullet.  Finger mullet were greyhounding up onto the sand and what we thought were sharks were in hot pursuit.  Big boils here, a big fish in the air over there, fins right in front of us.  I've never seen so many dang tarpon!  As the light came up we could clearly see the tarpon rolling just off the sand, blasting mullet, jumping clear of the water.  It was totally a national geographic morning.  The mullet were so thick you could walk on them.  We caught a bunch in the cast net to keep for fishing later this winter but we didn't even put a line in the water this morning and still had a great time.  That grass will probably be around for a few days or weeks.  It was nasty....and right at the peak of the mullet run.  Lame.
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