8 Foot Lizard

Tagged out with this 8 foot the other night.  With the wind blowing for the next week and a storm in the gulf we decided to go ahead and take her.  Really wanted to wait for that cold front and a bigger one, but my crew had enough of the all nighters and smelling that sweet bait...


  • Mud RangerMud Ranger Posts: 354 Deckhand
    Nice!  Lake George again?

  • bswivbswiv Posts: 7,144 Admiral
    Certain amount of sanity to your decision, especially as it's a good bet the flounder will kick off good soon and there are plenty of fish in the river south of town.

    We're still sitting on ours.......but it could be that we're making a bad decision. If the storm does something far different from what is forecast and dumps a pile of rain on us and then it stays warm we'll look not to smart.
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