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Simrad sonic hub opinions

considering getting one to hook up to my new simrad go. And not get a new radio. 
Anyone have one or have an opinion...Maybe Tony Eden will chime in 🤓
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  • acme54321acme54321 Posts: 351 Deckhand
    I was in a similar situation and went with a standalone Fusion headunit.  At the end of the day I wanted that big volume knob, and there was already a hole in my console.  I have a buddy with a Sonic hub and his HDS MFD crapped out.  While he was waiting the week or two for Lowrance to replace it, no tunes.  
  • mdjaxflmdjaxfl Posts: 7 Greenhorn
    I had one on my last boat. Also had the add on wired "remote".  That was awesome for quick volume adjustments etc without having to touch the screen etc to get to the radio function.  Tony did my install on that boat and it was awesome. 
  • pepperfirepepperfire Posts: 263 Deckhand
    So it has a radio function it seems or am I reading it wrong 
    and as far as the output was it good enough, 
    FreeSpoolin' Fishing team
  • StonehengeStonehenge Posts: 205 Deckhand

    I have one on my boat.  Works great.  You need to buy a separate antenna($20+/-) to pick up radio stations.  I like it a lot due to not having to add additional items on my console. 

  • BoattronicsBoattronics Posts: 5,222 Admiral
    They are very popular these days. They do have radio, Bluetooth, sirius/xm, aux input.

    As others mentioned I personally like a seperate unit to make quick changes and especially a volume knob.... though as also said you can add a wired remote to it which gives you the knob.

    I personally find it irritating to have to bother my GPS or sounder screen, etc to adjust my audio. But folks seem to love them.
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