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Battery Question

Just replaced some batteries and want to take care of the news ones.  I know trolling batteries should be fully charged after each use. But at what point of no use does it need an addition charge/recharge?  
for example - hunting season rolls around and I fish less frequently for a couple months and my batteries sit unused in the boat - do I need to charge again at some point (when is that?) or is the initial charge good enough to hold in the FLA heat for 60 days?  I do remove all terminal connections so no low voltage drain to electronics


  • Soda PopinskiSoda Popinski GrovelandPosts: 12,612 AG
    4 years ago I bought a deep cycle trolling motor, hooked all my electronics to it, I'd run it for 3-4 months and not charge it, popped a charger on before a trip and it fully charged and was ready to go in 12hrs.   never had an issue with it at all.  

    I'd use it right off the shelf and i'd charge it the night before you fish.     If you want get a kill switch, but I never had one, and I left an accessory light on a couple times, never was an issue. 
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    They make chargers that you can install which will monitor batteries and only charge when needed. Current boat doesn't have it, but the last one did and I would just keep the boat plugged in while it was on the trailer next to the house. Never had a problem with the batteries being good to go.
  • Drift TideDrift Tide Posts: 178 Deckhand
    Yes, if you let the batteries sit for a long time then you need to charge them periodically.  How long?  Depends on the batteries, so you need to check yours out by trial and error.  Charge them fully, then if they sit for a month put the charger back on.  If charges fully in 5 to 10 minutes then you know they dont have much internal discharge. Then if they sit for 2 months charge again and note the charging time and you can get a feel for your individual setup.  In my experience the biggest long term killer of wet cell lead acid batteries is the heat and usage evaporating the water out of them and exposing the plates.  So at least once a year remove the caps and refill with Distilled water to the proper level (where you can see the meniscus form) then immediatly recharge to full.
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