SAFMC and FWC are coming after your YELLOWTAILS

The commercial Yellowtail fishery has filled its ACL in the past few years and commercial industry wants to fish the entire 12 month season. There is no trip limit for a commercial trip.

What they are proposing is that they can catch the available part of the recreational ACL to keep fishing year round. 


  • oldbigbucksoldbigbucks Posts: 163 Deckhand
    Wow, that's BS! I've suggested a 14 inch minimum for years.
  • drgibbydrgibby Posts: 1,320 Officer
    Raise it to 16 inches like the jack- wagons did for hogfish.
  • SnapperwhackerhardSnapperwhackerhard Posts: 15 Greenhorn
    Back in October the Safmc Snapper/ Grouper  Advisory Panel voted for no action on regulatory amendment 32 (status quo). This is Panel is made up of Recreational, For hire and Commercial fisherman. 

    Regulatory Amendment 32 (Yellowtail Snapper Annual Catch Limit and Accountability Measures)
    In March 2018, the Council directed staff to begin work on an amendment that would revise in-season accountability measures for yellowtail snapper to alleviate socio-economic impacts to the commercial sector. Scoping hearings were held via webinar on August 15 and 16, 2018. At the September/October Council meeting, the Committee selected a preferred alternative and directed staff to prepare the amendment for formal approval in December 2018. The AP discussed the proposed action and offered the following comments:
    Attachment 2a TAB 05_A02a_SGAP_Report_October2018
    • The yellowtail snapper fishery is well managed. It is a very important fishery both commercially and recreationally.
    • The current fishing year (August-July) is working well for the commercial sector.
    • In terms of marketability, the summer months are not the best. Price of yellowtail
    diminishes substantially during this time.
    • Yellowtail snapper fishermen on the AP stated their preference to wait until after the
    stock assessment is completed to make any management changes. Although commercial catch rates for yellowtail snapper have ramped up in recent years, fishermen do not think they will continue to increase much.
    • AP members also mentioned intentional discarding of small yellowtail in the summer months. They suggest that in-season closures could benefit the stock by reducing the length of time this practice takes place.
    • Another reason to support taking no action at this time is to allow the recent changes in management to play out. Fishermen claim that businesses that were affected by the 2017 hurricanes have stabilized.
    • It was suggested that a bycatch trip limit could be established once a certain percentage of the yellowtail snapper ACL is met to minimize discarding when fishermen begin targeting mangrove snapper. Alternatively, it was suggested that historical landings of mangrove could be examined such that a possible yellowtail snapper bycatch trip limit could be implemented during the time when landings of mangrove snapper tend to increase.
    Action 1. Revise the In-season Accountability Measures for Yellowtail Snapper APPROVED BY AP (15 IN FAVOR, 2 ABSTENTIONS)

    If you don’t want the Commercial  Fishery to catch fish allocated for recreational fisherman you need to make comment for ALTERNATIVE 1 ( NO ACTION ) This is your last chance to let the council hear you. 
    Comment form on link below
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