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Fish finder on a rail or fixed spot?

Figure a rail gives me some flexibility if I don’t like where I initially place it. Guess I could also add something else on the rail at some point. Any thoughts from those who have added one  the past?


  • John McKroidJohn McKroid Posts: 3,220 Captain
    I have my fishfinder on a h-rail with a ram mount.  Ram mounts are ideal for fish finders because if it accidentally gets bumped, it will move instead of getting broken.   Even though the H-rail allows the position to be varied anywhere along the rail, I find I always keep the fish finder in the same location -- up high close to my face for easy viewing and adjustment.  It is a form of entertainment.  Even when the fish are not biting, if I am seeing something, it keeps me interested in working an area.  Offshore, the fish finder vibrates continuously, and I find that unless I keep a bungee cord tight on the base for tension, the pin to the h-rail attachment vibrates all the way out, and actually had that happen once.  I quickly pulled the fish finder out of the water and thankfully did not incur any damage from saltwater submission.  I attribute surviving the submersion to the fact that I liberally apply dielectric grease to all connections prior to every use.  I view the track mounting systems as good for inshore and freshwater, but a potential weak link for offshore.    
  • ljkljk Posts: 89 Greenhorn
    I like the Hrail setup on my Hobie.  I keep a rod holder mounted on the rail as well, and I need to move the fish finder around when I change the angle on the rod holder.
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