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On my last outiing one of my anglers reported that the Penn Battle 4000 he was using had developed a noticeable "thump" as he turned the handle... I checked it out and agreed - something wasn't right... and handed him another rod to use.  When the three day booking was over I sat down and opened up the reel case (it was an original Penn Battle - not the Battle II, and had given at least three years of service without any paint flaking off the casing - the way some folks had complained...) and immediately found the problem - the drive gear had lost two teeth... Both of my Penn Battles have seen hard service for three years and this was the first problem (not a bad lifespan...).  

Here's the first tip - never replace just one gear when it goes bad - you really need to replace both drive and pinion gears as a set... The reason?  A set of gears tend to "wear in" together and a new gear mated to an old gear just won't mesh very well compared to a new set... My usual routine would be to automatically order what's needed from Dave's Parts and Service -but just ordering a part or two is never very attractive - and I'd just gotten in an order from them (mostly rod building components...).  First, though, a quick check of E-Bay found a "parts reel" for sale - that had everything I needed plus a bunch of extra parts that will work just fine since my reels are in commercial service and get at least five times the usage an ordinary reel gets... Second tip... sometimes a "parts reel" is a very good bargain indeed - particularly for older reels where you might not be able to buy new parts - anywhere (that wasn't the case for me this time - but it has been in the past...).  The bonus is that items like drag knobs, spare handles, and similar items come along with the parts you're needing right then...

As I did the repair I noted that the pinion gear looked okay -but I still replaced both drive and pinion gears with the set that came from the parts reel... Why take a chance, put it all back together and find that it's not smooth turning?  At any rate that's how I look at it... 

Hope this helps
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