Offshore Wednesday 09/26/18

Forecast finally looked good to run offshore. Arrived at the ramp and tons of finger mullet there, so we threw a few casts and loaded up the baitwell. Left the inlet at 5am, was a little choppy and could only make 17 knots. After a long ride out it started laying down real nice as the sun came up and we arrived at our first spot in 120 feet. Nothing marking or biting on the first 3 spots in the area except for 3 big red porgies. No current at all, so headed east towards a spot in 140 feet. Decided to check out an area on the CMOR map on the way and put out a couple of trolling plugs. Trolled for a mile and ran over a big mark of fish. Fish were stacked up 20' off the bottom. We were in 130' and 63 miles off shore. First drops, no hits, until we realized they were eating the bait on the way down. Started putting real in gear as fast as we could when we hit the bottom and set the hook, they were there every time. Loaded up on 16 triggers and put a live finger mullet down. Caught a nice mutton snapper at 24". Decided to run in and stop at a wreck in 120' to see if any cobia were around. No cobia, but non stop action on the finger mullet, caught and released 15 baby amberjacks, 5 red hinds, another mutton snapper, and a big vermillion. Had a couple of sharks that would follow the AJ's to the boat and then turn and splash us. One tried biting the trolling motor. Headed in with a full box with seas less than a foot until we got 3 miles from the jetties. The sea breeze was honking against the outgoing tide and made for a wet ending of the day.


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