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Birthday Weekend Yankeetown & Crystal River

Friday 9/21 was my birthday so my dad and i went to yankeetown. Trolled and casted the usual bars and islands to the south and caught about 15 short reds and a short snook. decided to head out a couple miles to some deeper bars and caught about 7 keeper trout and a few shorts in about 30 min. trolled around the barge canal and caught 5 short grouper and a couple spanish. anchored up on the spoil banks after everyone had left about 3:30 and caught a 5 foot shark and a dozen slot and over slot reds. good mixed bag today and steady action in my trusty 18' jon boat! would stayed longer but got chased in by storms. 

Saturday and Sunday went to crystal river with the girl friend and her family. fished for a couple hours both days. caught lots of trout in 5' of water but only a couple slot fish mixed in. trolled around one of my favorite islands with spoons and caught 2 more overslot reds and my girlfriend caught a nice 31" snook all on her own. 
the brave may not live forever, but the cowards never live at all!


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