Where are the mullet?

Anyone been seeing migrating schools? It’s been a while since I’ve lived here but I feel like they’re usually pushing through pretty strong by this time. I ran the beach this afternoon without seeing so much as a boil or a diving pelican anywhere. 


  • watergatorwatergator Fort Pierce Posts: 132 Deckhand
    Update. Went back out to the beach for the evening and all the mullet were in tight to the shore. Cast netted a few but the weeds were way too thick to fish and there wasn’t anything boiling on them  

  • Gulfstream23Gulfstream23 JupiterPosts: 15 Greenhorn
    Lots of mullet this evening off Jupiter. Sharks were on them and looked like Tarpon but didn’t get a great look. Fish flying through the air everywhere. 
  • AftershockAftershock Posts: 204 Deckhand
    Last Saturday (i know way too late)  Big schools moving off Hobe Sound beach with tarpon and jacks tearing into them.  Had to postpone my paddle out on the surfboard.
  • Motoman19Motoman19 Posts: 7 Greenhorn
    Small finger mullet under Spanish River bridge today in Boca
  • baccaracbaccarac Posts: 73 Greenhorn
     i'm sitting down in Hillsboro area just waiting for them to get here 
  • TunachaserTunachaser Posts: 205 Deckhand
    Finger mullet and Hoglegs were around Lake Park ramp Wed & Fri last week. Good numbers of both
  • CaptainBobPinaCaptainBobPina boynton beachPosts: 1 Greenhorn
    Fished on 9/21 Left out of Jupiter inlet and headed north. Found some schools of mullet around hobe sound but they spread out quickly. Went south again and then found a giant school 1 NM north of blowing rocks in Jupiter. Lots of tarpon on the school. A couple of them were over 100lbs and a few that were 50-60lbs. We hooked up on one but he spit it pretty quick. 
  • area52area52 Posts: 519 Officer
    Finger mullet and Hoglegs were around Lake Park ramp Wed & Fri last week. Good numbers of both

    What is a Hogleg?
  • Soda PopinskiSoda Popinski GrovelandPosts: 9,472 Admiral
    Gonna miss the entire run, we were planning on coming down 10/6 and catching an FAU game that afternoon, and fishing that morning.  Stupid homecoming at my son's high school and he's going this year.   
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  • FrydaddyFrydaddy Boynton BeachPosts: 455 Deckhand
    Hog leg equals large mullet I believe
  • TunachaserTunachaser Posts: 205 Deckhand
    Frydaddy said:
    Hog leg equals large mullet I believe
    Yes Sir, a Hogleg is a big ol mullet 
  • wilburzwilburz Posts: 959 Officer
    or in the rastafarian world , hogleg = large joint :)

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  • TunachaserTunachaser Posts: 205 Deckhand
    wilburz said:
    or in the rastafarian world , hogleg = large joint :)
    Yeah Mon 🔥
  • ReelHazardReelHazard Posts: 119 Deckhand
    Looked for them all over Jupiter yesterday and finally found them up in the North Fork around 9pm on the last of the incoming tide. They were hard to find...
  • zzzzzzsplashzzzzzzsplash Posts: 499 Deckhand
    They are here, scattered throughout the Loxhatchee, in the ICW north, and some small schools on the beach.  Lots of glass minnow pods too.  What I saw early in the week led me to believe its cranking up but the best is yet to come...
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