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Choose Your Depth Range...And then Stay In It

mikenavmikenav Posts: 844 Officer
We have all heard the reports: Cobia (or whatever species you want) running in schools in 30-50 feet of water. Great! So, now between trying to find those fish and position the boat to get in the best possible place to hook up, you have to keep an eye on your depth to make sure you're at least in the right vicinity. 

That is all over. 

The newest update to the Navionics app highlights whichever depth range you want and easily maintain your position in that range. Take this screenshot for example: All water 30 to 50 feet is highlighted purple. Looking for fish in that range? Keep your boat positioned in the purple. Nice and easy.

On the app, go to Menu --> Map Options --> Fishing Range (turn on) and then set your depths for up to seven different colors. 


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