Looking for dive buddies and a computer

TheNSBkidTheNSBkid Posts: 41 Greenhorn
Hi there fellow Floridians, I have been big in fishing all my life (18 now) and I recently have gotten my dive license not long ago. I have experience free diving and spearfishing but I haven't spear fished on tanks yet. I live off 46 in Sanford and was wondering if anyone wants to go diving, springs, river, or ocean I would love to meet up! I am also looking for a used computer! Thanks!


  • IntheslotIntheslot Posts: 304 Deckhand
    Can't help you with the the diving but as far as the computer goes I would not waste my money on a used computer.

    They really don't last a long time  so if you get one a few years old it is on its way out anyway.

    Look online for sales and pick yourself a basis Oceanic Veo for a couple hundred bucks.

    Been using them for years, 1000+ dives, and they work fine. The One model is basic, the Two has another button and alarms.

    Also, different manufactures use different algorythems, some are less or more conservative.A too conservative one lessens bottom time. I always liked the Oceanic as their profile is more liberal. If I was obese, out of shape or had a medical condition then perhaps I wold switch to a more conservative profile. 

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    I have a basic Oceanic DataMax Dive computer - non Nitrox, that I have been using for 24 years and counting. Simple and still ticking. Gets the job done. Nothing wrong with a used dive computer in my book. 
  • TheNSBkidTheNSBkid Posts: 41 Greenhorn
    Thanks y'all, I agree, and I am getting a new basic computer! 
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