Evacuating Hurricane Florence from SC to Miami to Fish for Tarpon & Snook

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FULL VIDEO - https://youtu.be/lbweHFvu3os

Since Hurricane Florence was heading towards Moncks Corner, SC, we decided to evacuate to Miami and do a little fishing with our friends. On this episode, we head out with Edrey on his 20ft Sterling to fish the entrance of a canal in Biscayne National Park. I rig up a Zman SteaKZ - on a Trout Eye Jighead and the action began. We caught mangrove snapper, barracuda, several tarpon and a snook. When the snook bit my line, Edrey had a tarpon on. Then Tommy put his rod down to film with the hook in the water and  a tarpon stole the rod and reel! It was an epic bite. The cameras do not work that well at night without a source of light, so not all of the fish got documented. Also, I did not mention that there were a LOT of mosquitoes where the tarpon were hanging out!  Links to lures are in the video description.


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    Neat video.  Thanks for sharing.  Those little tarpon are tough to get to the boat, aren't they?

    On a related note, I've noticed that your posts almost always include links to Amazon presumably in order to purchase the same tackle you use in the videos.  Tell me, do you receive any compensation if someone were to buy through those links?  Unfortunately, we get a lot of spam on this forum, and I wouldn't want to misunderstand your motivation in sharing.

    Glad to hear you got out of SC before the storm....Mike

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    Thanks for watching. They are just links to lures that I used on the trip. They seem to get everyone upset. Not trying to sell anything. I am just a fellow that likes to fish and film. 
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    Yeah, there is a lot of spam around here.  Seemingly more every day, and creative too!

    Next time don't include the "&tag=bra013-20" in the URL that your shortlink resolves to or people might not believe you.

    You catch my drift?

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