Offshore fishing 9-18 S of Captiva Pass

Had a split charter group of 6 yesterday. Met up at Pineland Marina and off the docks by 630AM. Headed out thru Captiva Pass. Didnt see a whole lot of dead fish at all (in fact only saw 1 dead fish all day, a 12" boxfish floating in 70ish feet of water). The brown watered lingered out to around 70 ft.  We made a quick bait stop in 73 feet and it was covered in nice lane snapper and red grouper. Missed a couple big girls, and only managed a few pieces of bait (2 blue runners, couple grunts, couple squirrels). We Hit another spot inside 120 feet and Garon put the first keeper red grouper on ice.

A couple more BIG RGs got the best of us and several good sized lanes made their way on ice. 

We made at stop at a wreck to see if we could find some drag screamers...  we dropped down three rods all with frozen cut bait... First rod down gets inhaled and is off to the races. It fought hard and had some great runs, so thought we had an amberjack on... As it got closer to the surface, we find out its a nice AFRICAN POMPANO. Big cheers all around the boat. Olaf did a great job working him to the boat.

The other dead baits get whacked, but no hook up... I think they were big mangroves taking chunks... Deployed the smaller of the 2 Blue runners on a single hook treble rig, and it wasnt more than 10 seconds in the water before it is inhaled and a respectable cuda goes airborne. Richard handled him like a pro and made it to the boat.  

Tried putting out the squirrel fish but nothing seemed interested in them. Flat lined the second of the blue runners (large bait) with a 2 hook stinger rig. About 30 seconds later it gets crushed. and the fish is off to the races. it ran down and towards the wreck... Josh fought him like a seasoned vet and after a back and forth tug a war, a massive cuda comes boatside. Quick Picture and we let him go.

We decided to push on out and find some more grouper and snapper. We stopped over a small show in 130 -135 ft and were rewared with a pretty steady grouper bite.  We boxed another 6 keeper grouper over a couple hours, as well as some stud lanes. Erik got redemption from missing a bruiser earlier with a solid 29" Red GRouper (biggest of the day) We missed a couple other big bruisers who got the best of us. We had an estimated 10 ft Greater Hammerhead chase a couple of our grouper to the surface.  Tried deploying both a section of cuda as well as Bonita on the big rod, which he swam up to several times but decided against eating it. 

Weather was fantastic and had a sweet cruise back in with less than 2 ft seas. Cant wait to do it again! 33 Ft World Cat Tournament Edition Catamaran
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