Fort pierce Inlet 9/15

My wife and I made it out Saturday morning. It was absolutely beautiful on the water in the morning. We started fishing the Ft. Pierce Inlet and we didn't do badly. We caught many mangrove snappers and a bunch black margates. I have heard mixed reviews on whether or not the black margates were good tasting fish so I kept a few to try them out. As the tide changed the bite slowed down so we moved to another spot. The bite was steady, but it the second spot didn't produce any table fare. The only notable fish at the second spot was 16 inch red grouper my wife caught. All in all it was a good day on the water. So yesterday I cooked up the fish I caught on Saturday. I tasted the Black Margate next to the Mangrove Snapper. I was pleasantly surprised that the Black Margate was pretty good. It was not as flakey as the snapper but all in all it was a good texture and taste. I will be keeping them if I catch them again. Attached are the pictures of the ingredients. I didn't follow a recipe I just mixed the ingredients in a Ziploc baggie and marinated the fish for a few hours before I put them on the grill. Tight lines all!!!


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