New Outboard.

12 Sept 2018...Wabasso/Grand Harbor… Next game, FWC Slams.  Sounds so easy, Inshore Grand Slam, Red, Trout and Flounder.  Family Slam any three fish in the same family.  Flying start today, early Flounder.  Rest of day looking for slot or better Red, not happening.  Started the day with my new Honda outboard, way better than any of my previous brands.  South to Pine Island couple of blow ups on top water, no connection.  Snookasarus back in the Mangrove Jungle blew up on something.  Loud clap and super splash.  No way to even get close.  Next stop Hobart Landing.  U - 2’s schooled up and eating.  Left after 4.  20 inch Sail Cat on the edge of the channel.  Hole In The Wall North shore.  With the high water, worked real tight.  Popped an 18 inch Flounder, dreams of another Grand Slam.  Started the search for a Red.  The water ranged from dirty brown to gray with a few black areas.  Only thing for a while that I could find in the Mangroves was Snook and Cats.  Did get a barely legal Sheepshead.  Biggest Snook for the day was 20 inches, managed 12 for the day.  Spoil islands a waste.  Estuary, heavy breathing, hard thump, copper flash.  Not good, an inch too short.  Johns Island, not much going on, water too high and dirty for sight fishing Sheepshead.  Back to Hobart to finish the day.  Jacks crashing bait, average 5 pounds, too much like work.  One fair Snapper just under 12 inches.  Head for home.  On light tackle, plenty of fun, Jacks to 5 #, Sailcats to 5 # and Flounder starting to show.  Most of the victims today on the Baby Vudu Shrimp and Chug Bug.  All released for future encounters.


  • duckmanJRduckmanJR Posts: 19,232 AG that what it is. I got one of those today....was all mad I couldn't get a snook to bite.   Do you get something from FWC for that? 
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  • jhdog13jhdog13 Posts: 200 Deckhand
    Slot or better, new fishing shirt and mug.
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