Aftermarket Chinese Trim Motor - JUNK!

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Trim motor went out on my Yamaha 200. OEM trim motor is over $600! Several years ago, I bought a cheap (under $100) one for a 120HP Evinrude, and it lasted for years. So, I got the cheapest one I could find on eBay (for my 200 Yamaha). It was ONLY $65! I'm sure it was the "correct" model for my application, but it just couldn't make it fit. The round protrusion below the triangular flange was just a wee bit too big and would not slide into the hole in the trim pump. I measured it exactly and it was 0.5mm too wide.

So, I get the idea to take both motors apart and swap the end cap that fits. No dice, construction is completely different. While I had the Chinese one apart, I noticed that it had cheesy brass bushings, but the OEM one had two sealed ball bearings. The diameter of the commutator on the Chinese one was only half that of the OEM one. Also, the seals looked crappy, not as good as the OEM o-rings. So, I put the Chinese one back together and sent it back.

Not wanting to spend $620, I shopped around for a reputable (hopefully) aftermarket brand. I managed to find one made by Sierra for just $225 at on online supplier, (list for $379). From the photos, it looks to be constructed more like the OEM one.


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    there's a huge difference between an OEM part and the aftermarket parts - me personally,i NEVER used or use aftermarket parts,on any repairs !! don't be cheap !
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    There are quality after market parts available but they usually are not made in China and they are not as cheap. I can't recall the name of the one I used on my Mercury motor but it was excellent and was less expensive than the OEM. I will try to find out who it was made by.
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