SLI 9/8-9/10

skoonrskoonr GreenhornHobe SoundPosts: 25 Greenhorn
Got a semi late start both mornings...9ish...
9/8 Smooth choppy early went 1.5 miles SEE trolled into 8 spanish macs.....went up to Loblolly beach 15-3 looked hard for walking lobsters...nope.....went way deep for mahi green water to 350....purple water at 400 but dead weedlines no bait....finally found weedbait lines brokeupn 750 bamboo logs worked it hard nothing...came back 6 mile reef got some nice seabass trigger fish,,,,
9/10 another late start spanish macs were done but grabbed a few nice bluerunners greenys....loran tower livebaited bit off 4 times in a row big live bait hook flouro a load of nice bottom fish some fat vermillions....headed back in 2pm....


  • blakhawkdocblakhawkdoc Deckhand Posts: 212 Deckhand
    Congrats on your catch. Thank you for the report. 
  • John McKroidJohn McKroid Captain Posts: 1,830 Captain
    Good tidbits of info, thanks for the reports
  • skoonrskoonr Greenhorn Hobe SoundPosts: 25 Greenhorn
    blakhawkdoc johnM thx for the kind replies....I will figure out how to add pics....went out this Sat same time a lil tardy bluerunners and small bonitas were hitting the bait schools 1.5 miles south of the SLI but no spanish....was on a ,mission for mahi,,,,found a big weedline in 700 foot some lazy very small schoolys came up wouldnt even eat bits of fresh shrimp went way out off the loran tower almost turned around in 1300 foot but finally saw yellow on the horizon...big broken patches in 1435 feet  tried running gunning chumming the patches but eventually trolling got a 15lb bull kept him on had 3 girlfriends got 2 of em 10-12 lbs the smallest wised up....trolled up another 12-14lbr and that was it....have a rare day off giving it another try same plan tomorrow in a 175 scout 90 yammy....will report...

  • skoonrskoonr Greenhorn Hobe SoundPosts: 25 Greenhorn
    Smooth bumpy out....dirty green till 350 feet....then clean purple water smooth seas, big broken weedline 700 kinda dead....big nice weedline 1000 foot but no birds bait...1500 feet thin weedlines nope....back to 1050 big broken weeds tough howing got an 8 and 10lb mahi trolling throwing jigs and accidental tasty green bar jacks(?) on same jig, they fileted like mangrove snapper was pleasently surprised...yeah 1000 foot was the zone today....
  • GarysmoGarysmo Officer Ft. Pierce, FloridaPosts: 857 Officer
    Glad you were able to get a few mahi you definitely fished hard for them.  Thanks for the report
  • K-DawgK-Dawg Deckhand Posts: 202 Deckhand
  • skoonrskoonr Greenhorn Hobe SoundPosts: 25 Greenhorn
    Thx Garysmo and K-Dawg....I come here looking for reports and its starting to pick up just trying to contribute but I  realize pics will help and will get it on...Im prob blown out offshore till next spring lol thats why Ive been gunning of late...GL!!

  • GarysmoGarysmo Officer Ft. Pierce, FloridaPosts: 857 Officer
    I haven't been out for a while I've been up north visiting family and doing some traveling.  Hope to get back out in a couple of weeks.  I'm like you  I come to the site for some reports and to learn some things.  I do my best to post even on those days you get skunked.  
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