Sunday Sept 9 out of Boca

Got a late start on the. morning, new Rec 90 pump we use pumps at a snails pace, will actually have to find somewhere else to purchase until they can do something about it. Broke inlet just after 7:30 after buying a 1 1/2 dozen pilchards someone was selling just before the bridge. Original plan was to troll shallow at shot for wahoo and or king but water was dirty and there were boats EVERYWHERE. Someone had mentioned the lobster were walking, so boats were scattered up and down both reef edges. 

Stopped on a big patch in about 500ft, chucnked some and pulled out the vertical jig. Was finally able to bring up two dolphin from deep but they weren't very interested in what we had to offer. 

Pushed out again, this time stopping to put lines out in about 1300 feet, there were some boats working about a 2 square mile radius, not to0 much formation but some patches here and there and a bunch of scattered weeds.

No luck at first but we kept at it, trolling three naked lures on the riggers and shotgun, and rigged ballyhoo with chuggers on the shorts. Pain in the neck keeping the lines clear of weeds, but it paid off when we had one on, two on, THREE ON, all jumping, FOUR FISH ON!! It was pure mahi chaos!!

We had some first time fisherman with us, and with there only being 4 of us all together, we ended up going 2/4 on that hook up, but everyone had was pumped up after that.

Gave it another hour and enticed one more fish to eat our lures. Great day on the water, ocean was CALM and weather beautiful, even got a free boat rinse at the dock as it absolutely DUMPED rain on us as we were cleaning the fish.

Does anybody plan on fishing during the week this week?


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