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CK weekend

4WARD4WARD Cross Creek,FLPosts: 1,989 Captain
Dropped my youngest off on Friday morning to go offshore for the day with his buddies dad.
They had a great day and took 57 Spanish and almost as many ladyfish. They squeeked in between a couple unpleasant storms in the evening and we met them at the dock.

Woke him up just long enough to eat and after his day and hauling 3 others and the boat and the dog all day we just took it easy

Got up Saturday to a brisk wind and layed low till around 7:30. Launched the boat and headed north to see what we could find.
Poked around and did not do much. Headed south and got a call from my buddy at the perfect time, that they had just rolled in to town.
Dropped the mommas off to do their thing, and we went to find what the flats had to offer.
Trout were scarce but found a few in the 5' range(shrimp and new penny jigs). Landed a couple big Jacks and then what we all assumed to be another one turned into a 17" pomp.
Ran in about 12:30 as it was getting hot and tried for reds before high tide. Boated 2 in 30 minutes(cut bait) and were on the hill at 1:15. Kids had a blast.
Then I drank beer.:) 

That gut hooked seabass made a really good snack.
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