Rainy Season Bass Fishing

This is only my 2nd rainy season in FL.  I thought when the rains came the bass fishing would take off with the drop in water temp and higher water levels. Seems not to be the case! I have found the fishing to be a struggle since last May. The bites are few and far between. Hoping to see things pick up once we get into the dry season. Anyone else finding it on the slow side?


  • GRIZZLGRIZZL Posts: 781 Officer
    The bass get up in the junk/trees where you can't get to them..unless you fish for schoolies. I stopped fishing the St Johns all together..hit stick marsh mostly or stayed home and practiced with my bow
  • DES51DES51 Posts: 111 Deckhand
    Apparently in the larger lakes they move into different areas. They aren't where they were during the dry season. But even in retention ponds and pits the bite is hard to come by. 🤔
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