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BIG Ray and Lots of Sharks

I have decided I am no longer fishing for trout or redfish. I am just fishing. That was a good thing yesterday as I had rods bouncing and reels singing string music ALL DAY. So, if you enjoy catching sharks, I had a h--- of a day.  Fell weak and decided to try the islands just SW of Sandy Hook for reds. Hooked what I thought was a log, until it started shaking its' head. Fought with ray which was the biggest I have ever seen. I catch a lot that are two feet across the wings. This one was five feet, if it was an inch. Fought with it for 15 minutes just to get my cajun thunder back. As soon as float was within reach, I cut the line. For the two guys who pulled up to watch, sorry you didn't get to see anything more exciting.


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