How to safely break down a rod for garbage?

I have an old St. Croix Mojo Bass rod that I just want to end up throwing away. Is there a “safe” way to cut or break one so I can fit it in the garbage can?


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    Thanks Jack Hexter! 
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    Be sure to save the guides, they come in handy for replacements! 
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    I always use these. :)

    I say......I say & improved my tail feathers.

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    I salvage everything I can and then use them for tomato stakes 
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    It's a good idea to save the guides.  They might come in handy in the future.
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    car door
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    Thanks guys. Actually the reason I was just going to toss it out, WAS because of the guides. I was sick and tired of them popping or breaking out.

    I could fix the tip fine, but when it started happening to other guides, I just got tired of dealing with that on a $120 rod.

    Ive never had a Guide problem on any $40 Ugly Stiks my whole life. And even if I did, I could simply replace it under warranty at my local Walmart down the street. 

    I LOVE St. Croix’s! But the hassle and time of having to mail the rod to them to be fixed, and the extra money that still needs to be paid to get it fixed, really sucks when I need that rod for fishing.

    I truly do understand taking care of your Rods is very important.

    But I’m freakin fishing in the outdoors man. Stuff happens. Rods get bumped around a little. Every once and a while I accidentally drop one.

    This is my 2nd St. Croix to have guides breaking out. 

    Do you guys ever have this problem with their guides? 

    I feel like I need to buy some Plushy Soft Microfiber Mittens to handle these rods like they’re 16th century Chinese vases. 
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    Before you toss that old rod... Any competent rodbuilder or tackle shop that does repairs can replace a set of guides
    (or just one guide....) for less than a new rod -a lot less for just one guide... and you get your choice of colors for the thread - and your choice of guides (from really cheap to the top of the line).  Why guys toss perfectly good rods after breaking a guide or two is beyond me.  Yes, guides with inserts need to be handled carefully - beat them up and the ceramic inserts will pop out every time but tossing them?  I used to warranty the rods I built against everything from big feet to car doors (ceiling fans too...) but after a while that's what got me to quit building rods for others, period....  If you learn how to do simple rod guide replacement it only takes maybe one hour tops to remove an old guide and re-wrap another in its place.  You can use high end two part finishes or something as simple as several coats of clear nail polish and do a pretty good job.

    The rods I hand my anglers on the skiff certainly take a beating - and are fished a lot more than any recreational angler's rods - and yet most make it through an entire year without needing a single guide replaced... 
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    Thankyou for Sharing that Bob. 👍 I will hold onto it then and find someone who can. 
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    I bought a St. Croix once.

    Never again. Overpriced, overrated, easy to break.

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    For anyone wanting to learn to repair their own rods - or just wanting to know what kinds of guides are available if you have a rod re-done... Most big rod component outfits now have good catalogs on line - along with tutorials that will walk you through replacing a guide - or building a rod from scratch... Here are two of them, and Angler's (you may have to do a search if my addresses aren't quite right...).  Look through one or two and you'll quickly see that there are so many choices in the way of hardware (guides, tip-tops, reelseats, grips) that you can get real involved in a simple repair - or just wrap on any guide and get back to fishing....

    Be careful about rodcrafting - it's addictive - I built my first rod all the way back in 1971 (and still have it in a corner of my garage somewhere...).
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    Your over thinking GRS
    You should have been here yesterday
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    and always hold the thicker end of the rod while using a hacksaw..
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    It's very easy to wrap guides. Funny but like Capt. LeMay, I started in 70 or 71. You can do it by placing the thread through the middle pages of a fair size hardcover book. I used a weight from my barbell set placed on top of the book to tension the thread. Then use a piece of tap on one end of the guide to line it up and hold it in place while you hole the rod in both hands (one on either side of the guide) and wrap. Use a loop of thread and place it on the wraps a few turns from where you will finish. Continue wrapping over the loop. Once you finish, cut the thread, put it through the loop and then pull the loop and the thread end through the wraps. You're basically finished except for color preserver and wrap finishing material. Start away from the guide itself - you want to wrap uphill on the guide posts, not downhill. It's easy and I bet there are videos you can find. Like the other Bob said (I'm Bob too) it is addictive and fun and I still have my first rod too. I started when I was 12 or so making my own saltwater rods on the lower left coast. I could not afford the custom wrapped rods so I figured out how to do it myself.
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    I have a Chunk Bait , Ugly Stik with 2 eyes wrapped with Elec. Tape and Liquid Tape painted over it all. Look like C.rap but still beat the Mangroves regular....
    Killin and Grillin :grin
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    Like the 2 Bobs I started @ a young age wrapping guides and still do it for my friends and myself.  Try it, you might like it.  Look up "fishing rod guide replacement" on youtube.
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    I replace the guides by carefully cutting a slit in the wrap with a razor blade just enough to get the old guide out. Slide in a new guide and epoxy it. Not a professional job but has worked well for years.
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