Charlotte Harbor 9/1

Launched at Laishley park this morning and ran down the harbor a little ways. Set out some chum and mullet and ladyfish chunks. Took about 30 minutes for the first shark but after that we had consistent action. Landed and released 5 small bull sharks and a few sail cats. We had quite a few runoffs not come tight and 1 bite off. On the way in saw some one land a large black drum under the 41 bridges. Its been about 2 months since the last time I had the boat out and it felt great to get back out


  • SerotoninSerotonin Cape CoralPosts: 175 Deckhand
    I forgot to mention..., no dead fish or smells up harbor but no dolphins were seen. 

    Pictures won't load right now, I'll try later
  • Westwall01Westwall01 Posts: 5,126 Admiral
    Thankfully the Peace and Myakka as well as the most of the harbor and the upper 2/3's of Matlacha have been spared.
  • joekat46joekat46 North PortPosts: 2,059 Captain
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    Fished the El Jo bridge yesterday morning.  Dolphins around the area. No red tide anywhere close. I normally run as far as the Alligator Reef. Snook and reds all catch and release so few scouting for what would have been todays snook opener.
  • SerotoninSerotonin Cape CoralPosts: 175 Deckhand
    I only ran as far south as the upper hole. With the early afternoon storms we had been having I didn't want to run too far. My original plan was to head offshore but I'll have to save that for another day
  • Capt Dan MedinaCapt Dan Medina Posts: 718 Officer
    thanks for the report... we did a trip up around north end of /charlotte harbor as well. Was nice to see an inshore area no as affected by the red tide 33 Ft World Cat Tournament Edition Catamaran
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  • SerotoninSerotonin Cape CoralPosts: 175 Deckhand
    I agree. I believe I'll be running out to play offshore this sunday. The inshore trip was to run the boat after 2 months off the water and now I'll go deeper, not as deep as you but farther than I ever have pushed out
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