Catch and release for snook.

Read in the Englewood paper today that the above will be in the future.


  • Westwall01Westwall01 Posts: 5,335 Admiral
    Its just temporary for now as well as reds, but it would be a solid idea to keep them both catch and release for a while. I would also like to see trout added to that list as well since they took a much larger hit then the snook or reds.
  • winderbillwinderbill Posts: 289 Deckhand
    "the sky is falling...the sky is falling"    here we go again
  • Westwall01Westwall01 Posts: 5,335 Admiral
    Did it fall on your head? Are you okay?
  • lukkyracerlukkyracer Posts: 709 Officer
    They made the right decision imo. I love to eat reds, trout, and snook especially. My fishing partner and I made a decision to keep no fish for quite a while. If the experience of enjoying our environment and catching, not always killing fish doesn't fit your fancy, when so be it.
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