Diving Egmont Channel?

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Any of you folks ever dive the Egmont Channel? I'm not referring to Egmont Reef, but actually diving the Channel. Its 80-90 feet deep. I don't know if there's anything down there worth seeing, but it intrigues me. Everything I've found online is just folks diving the reef.


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    egmont channel
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    Years ago a well known charter boat captain (For fishing) use to dive the channel walls in Government Cut for lobster, since he also had a commercial lobster license.  He did not anchor in the cut, but he or his mate just positioned their 42 ft Sport fishing boat facing the current; then by just bumping it in out of gear they could keep the boat over a diver.  They employed buoyed weighted steel mesh baskets for holding the bugs. When the basket was full all the diver had to do was jerk on the rope a few times to signal the helmsman it was time to pull up the full basket and send down another (empty) one. 

    This 35 to 40 ft depth cut has a lot of freighter traffic. He once told me he often had to grab onto the wall with both hands locked into holes when he heard one coming to keep from being swept away by the prop wash.

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    Thank you for the post Cats Eye. I wondered what might be down there, but as you mentioned, the traffic is a real concern. 
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    Not only the traffic but you got to believe the sharks are pretty big and bad there as well
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