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    Just saw this - nice!
    The original - "Renaissance Redneck"
  • JWTJWT Posts: 526 Officer
    i would not have guessed they nested like that. great shots !
  • cracker4112cracker4112 Posts: 661 Officer
    These are actually Black belly whistlers.  Great pics Glenn!
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    Awesome shots. Had a flock of blackbellies fly over the house this morning. Love hearing them .

    Interesting ducks and will have 2 clutches a year typically. They sort of compete with wood ducks for nesting habitats 

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    Did you know that they can land on a wire? They land on my powerlines and are able to maintain balance. It isn't always pretty but they can do it.
    I see those ducks everyday and usually hear them first. I didn't know they nested in trees. I could probably buld a nesting box and they would use it.

    They like the pool I put out for them.

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