Fort Pierce 8-25

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Well today wasn't as productive for my wife and I. I thought for sure with the near full moon the bite would have been hot; however the other conditions were not ideal. We had the wind going against the tide, which made it difficult to anchor on our marks. We ended up catching 3 short Mutton snapper, short grouper, a soap fish, a short sheepshead, a decent jack carvel, a few lane snapper, only 1 was legal, and about 10 mangrove snapper, 3 which were legal. I guess every trip cant be like the last one. All in all I was happy with the trip. Its just always nice to be on the water. 


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    Ditto..."It's just always nice to be on the water."  :) 

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    Got plenty for dinner, any day on the water is a good one..


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