It sounds like a fish story but it is a found rod story!

Today I played “King for the Day”, joined Alex and Dave for a day of fishing with Captain Justin.  Yes, I was out numbered as they are retired Fire Fighters and Dave was actually a Chief, like a real one.  Fire Departments have ton’s of Chief’s unlike the Police Department where you have one Chief but Dave was “The Chief”. 

Started off well before sunrise and off to the beach in search of Tarpon.  Ran North for miles and saw ton’s, literally ton’s of glass minnow schools.  There was areas 100 yards long by 30 yards wide that looked like an oil spill but it was schools of glass minnows but no Tarpon seen.  Started cruising South along the beach and I spot what I thought was an active torpedo just below the water traveling at six miles an hour………it was a surf fishing rod.  The Captain steering the boat towards it and first try……I get the gaff shot and in comes the rod.  Dave grabs it and the fight is on, twenty minutes later and the fight is still on, he hands the rod over to Alex and the fight continues.  After about another fifteen minutes while trying to slow the fish down by grabbing the spool, the braid breaks and the elusive fish escapes but we have the rod.  It won’t be described in case someone tries to claim it, they need to know the specifics about the rod and reel.  I would say it is a expensive combo.  If it really is yours contact me at [email protected]  

In all the excitement we finally spot some Tarpon crashing the glass minnows and also rolling.  Cast live baits to them and slow troll without success.  It was now time for some Snook fishing.  The River even on the incoming tide looked like a cesspool.  Dave landed one Snook and so did Justin, I caught a nice Catfish.  OMG!  Then I hook the fish of a lifetime….or so I thought, after twenty minutes of tug o war, in comes a massive stingray.  I just can’t win today.  Continued to work docks in the River and Alex lands a beautiful Mangrove Snapper, probably eighteen inches.  Alex continued on and landed a nice Trout, over twenty inches.  The Snook boiled on our baits, grabbed them but today they never really committed and we didn’t catch much more. 

It was great not having to control the boat, run the trolling motor and being able to fish……I have no excuse for not slaying them but I enjoyed the day on the water with Alex, Dave and Captain Justin.


Until the next tide


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