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Nassau Sound (George Crady Bridge) 08-19-18 report

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I hoped I posted in the right forum. I apologize if this is in the wrong section. A coworker wanted to take her son and grandson to fish the bridge with me for the first time. They mostly fish fresh water and don't know much about saltwater fishing.  They make it to the bridge by 8am and we started to fish. It was a challenged for me because I went to fish a new area on the bridge that I have no clue what was going to bite. We started to catch small pigfish and the sized keep getting smaller and smaller.  The next hour we started to catch catfish and the spadefish keep stealing the bait. I changed the game plan and decided to fish with some cut mullet and it sure paid off. The young angler was catching whiting back to back. The whiting bite was good throughout the remaining of the low tide.  I ask them if they wanted to catch something big and they said "yes".  I got two rod setup for shark fishing or big ray. The first rod got hit by the ray and Ryan was the first victim to fight this beast. I show him the proper technique and couple minutes later gave him the rod and he had a blast with the ray. Told me it was the biggest fish he ever caught and the fight was intense and he loved it.  Next victim was the grandson. I hook a mullet on his favorite catfish rod and told him to keep an eye on the rod. The jack took the bait and the little guy fight it out. He was always alert looking at each rod tip and would called out and run to the rod.  The heat was getting to them and when they were getting ready to pack up the other rod took off and this time it was a shark.  Ryan and his nephew was really scared to take the rod from me. The fish was pulling so much line that I was seeing my backing and it was time to put some pressure on it. After a 15 minutes fight I recovered a lot of line and gave the rod to Ryan and told him to be braved and it was going to be all right. The look on his face when the shark pull drag and I can see him struggling.  After getting the fish closer I drop the pier net to bring the fish up but lucky the hook came off the fish mouth and it ran right into the net and I happen to pull it up. Talk about perfect timing!!! They thank me for helping them have a good time. After they left I realized I forgot to changed the mullet water and all my mullet died. Lucky I brought my cast net and saw some mullet on the bridge and cast and got 6 finger mullet. The tide was just right and the greenish water was the telltale to start flounder fishing. The new area sure does have a lot of hangup but that a good sign that there a good structure for flounder.  Lucky I made a lot of premade rig to save me time from tying. I went back to fish the snaggy area and got hung again. Re rig and this time fish 5 yard from the snaggy area and got a solid hit. I knew this was a flounder and he try to run. A good one weighting at 4.5 pounds.  Caught two more flatty and I ran out of mullet. The redfish was also caught on live mullet. The pompano was caught on live fresh peel shrimp with a pompano rig. 


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