Sunday 8/19 Phins Report outta Boynton Inlet

Hit the water pretty early and started out toward deeper waters. Weeds at 250 were passed by and then did find some larger patches in 650 so we hit those quickly just trolling a bird & jet lure combo and Squid w/ skirt. Picked up one small cow 15 minutes in and then nothing for a bit so headed a little deeper. Found some more good patches in 800+ so started working a slight line, picked up a decent cow and saw a follower but didn't have a pitch bait set up. By the time I got a pitch bait readied, the follower had turned into a Cuda taking a look at the cow. Landed the cow and did another pass by the same area and then picked up a bull a little larger. Should have worked that part of the line a little harder but ended up following the line back south a bit to no avail. Later saw a couple boats further north again picking up a some tiny under sized phins, and decided to call it a morning. 


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