Crystal River 8/19

The trip reporting on this site has died.  Hopefully it will come back.

Sorry no pics.

The redfish were in their usual haunts and we did well. I might have to start buying some small pinfish for bait because the pinfish were stealing our bait like crazy many times before the reds could hit it.  I have always used shrimp for reds purely out of convenience but I definitely think having pinfish would have helped us yesterday.

Some locals have reported a good inshore trout bite but that wasn't the case for us.

Fished up close , then outside the bay and then out to about 9 feet and only a few trout with 2 of them keeper size.  Of course, I have never been consistent catching trout in the dog days of summer and didn't feel like running out much further just to catch trout.  The deeper flats did provide some trash can mixed bag action (shark, grunt, ladyfish, lizards, puffers, etc.).

Wear your sunscreen,


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