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Sunday snapper last day

We left the inlet down in Vilano around 6:30.  We found the pogies right over by the lighthouse in about 10 feet of water and filled up fast.  We ran out about 20 miles and got 1 10-pound keeper then out another 10 miles and got Barracuda'd and grunted to death. The tide was ripping real fast and the wind was kicking up so we ran in 15 miles  and after all the boats left we grinded it out and got three more Snapper to hit a four-person limit.  The bite for the last two weeks has been timid in my experience.  It seems like the fish would take that first shot at a bait but they just weren't real aggressive to devour it after that first taste.  Over the last two weeks I know I had big fish gum my baits and let go.  Yesterday the trick was big pieces of butterflied pogy and a real focus on the bite.   Yesterday the big fish was caught on a live pogie and the three 7 to 8 Pounders were caught on butterflied pogy.  You really had to concentrate to catch the 7 to 8lb fish.  We also did some vertical jigging and had some fun yesterday with some schools of Jack's and we also threw some spoons into some schools of very large Blue runners.  At least I think they were large Blue Runners but some of them were 26-27 inches.  And finally once we had our limit and the wind started cranking Westward we took the anchor up and drifted two Kingfish rods with dead cigar minnows on Stinger rigs and we ended up catching a nice 36-inch King to finish the day.  I had three teenage boys with me yesterday and they had a great time and every family got some fish for dinner.  I think I need a break!  Well at least I needed a break yesterday but now I'm thinking about tarpon fishing tomorrow!


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