Spearfishing offshore Homosassa 8-18-18

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Doc Stressor, Barbara, and I took advantage of the gorgeous weather and did some diving Saturday to take some photos and hunt for some dinner. We ended up with a small mixed bag including hogfish, sheepshead, mangrove snapper. Sorry for the poor image quality, the visibility was only 15 to 20 feet. We made all our dives in about 50' depth on a variety of reefs and wrecks.

Seas were better than predicted, 1 foot or less, mild winds and light current made for a perfect dive outiing. Sea temps on top were 87-88, on bottom (50') 84 - 86. Pretty warm. Tons of bait on all structures but the only thing hitting bait balls were a few spanish. Bait schools included scaled sardines, cigar minnows, tomtaits, silver sides and some I'm not familiar with.

No keeper gags or reds on any of the structure we visited and no ARS at all. Hogfish reasonably plentifull. All structure is holding piles of smallish mangos 10 to 14"  Offshore fishing should be picking up soon as the kings and cobia and, gags start moving in for the fall.



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    Awesome pics thanks for sharing
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    yea awesome pics
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    Thanks for the report. I am really surprised no grouper or snapper on that live bottom considering you had plenty of bait. 50-65 foot is usually the range this type of year.  Was that an area that got hit with the red tide a few years ago?

    Great report just surprised you were that far out and didn't see any large reef fish.
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    Very nice
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    Beautiful pics, Butch.
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    Great pics, thanks for sharing.
    I didn't say it was your fault, I said I was blaming you
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    Thanks, glad to see that bottom coming back to life. Any size to those mangroves?
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    Great report just surprised you were that far out and didn't see any large reef fish.

    We saw about a half dozen Goliaths, but only one big one. Most of the big ones should still be out at spawning aggregations in deeper water. 

    The reefs seem to have finally recovered most of their biodiversity after 4 years. But the big sponges are going to take decades to come back. 

    Those depths were typical for red grouper this time of year. The larger gags usually don't show up until October or November. There were some short gags, a few small scamp, and only a couple of short red grouper.  But they are never common around high relief since they prefer hard open bottom.  Lots of spadefish and triggers, plus a few large blue angelfish and a Bermuda chub. And tons of bait. Just about every species ever found around here.  More mangroves than grunts, but most were 12" or less.
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    Here's that same reef in 2015 just 1 year after the red tide:

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    Great report, love those underwater pics. It's nice to see what is there.
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    Nice Butch,I am glad I ran up on your post,good to see I know where I can check in with you. I had my Ear drum patched up last week and missed the St Pete open this year but my son was able to head out with TJ and Tyler. I need to bring the boat over this winter and get another quick repair and let the Wrap last another year. Im up working in Panama City and brought the boat with me and hope to do some fishing up here. Take care and keep posting the reports and pics. Take Care Butch Bobby Adams AKA Southern Exposure II
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