Bimini Wahoo Smackdown

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After a few years away I'm back at the helm of this years Bimini Wahoo Smackdown... In getting back to tradition I'm seeking input from you guys, the anglers and teams that will actually be fishing it. It's not "my" tournament its yours. Let me hear what we can do to improve it and make it the best one on the water!


  • CompleatCompleat Posts: 2,774 Captain
    We're already rocking and rolling with sign ups... We've been discussing any rule changes that may pop up on other websites. So far not much changing... Keeping it pretty much Jungle rules except for no electric reels...  Kind of disappointed at lack of chatter here. Other places its been really talkative...  I'd really like to hear thoughts and suggestions from you. Boundaries? Always a hot topic...

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    Still quiet... Ok I'm thinking 90 miles. No electrics (never had em). 5:30 go time. Bigger "added entries"

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    Since the last forum change lost alot
    of people.
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    I guess you're right... Used to be great place to share info...

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    That's a nice haul...


    2017 Cape Horn 24OS

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    Girls got game as well
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    That other forum is producing a few entries... Starting to get good. Those signing up now know that its likely we will sell out the resort quick and want to stay where the action is...
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    this place is dead.

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    Hey Compleat, what is the entry fee?  Are you doing 90 miles?  BBG site has it at 60...are the rules on this site accurate?

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    Do you do you have this up on THT? Specificly in the Florida/GA section. I’ll bet you’ll get some entries from there. Lots of old FS members, plus lots of other guys. I
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    Yes its on THT...  Insurance company and RBDF holding our feet to fire at 60, requests to expand in place but they don't seem to want to budge... If something changes I'll let you know...
    On pace to tie or beat our attendance record... 11 paid, 2 comped (big time sponsors) 16 reserved.
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    Coming down the home stretch... Good sign ups. Expect more last minute with this weather. Adult strength added skill level entries expected... Most of the choice rooms gone but I think a handful left. First come first serve...
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    You really missed a good one. 25 signed up 23 showed up. 149 fish on the dock, pay out over $60 K...
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    Sounds like a great bite, hopefully that will continue this week at OBB Tourny
    Mark Wilson
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    I followed the results and it looked like a great event.  Congrats on being back.  One thing I noticed was a lot of small fish being weighed.  One boat weighed 10 fish at a total around 100#.  Have you given thought to a size limit for eligible fish?
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