Fort pierce Thursday 10th

wife and I went s e out of fpi to 600 feet , found long weed line and caught 2 at 20” and lots of 18”, tried ballyhoo,squid, sardines and they wouldn’t take it . Had Small bag of old frozen shrimp and they ate it up . Looking for something bigger we moved on and headed in towards fort pierce and saw a large weed line covering about 2 acres with a bend in the middle and slick water put a Blue and white islander in prop wash and befor I could get out another one bam! Game in . Got in weeds and thought we were going to lose him, he about wore my bride out   But finialy got to boat and got the gaff on and in he boat.wif spent so we headed in I saw a wooden flat and caught one about22inches.ended up with 4 and grilling!😎I would post photos but not sure how?


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