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I’m getting a new SeaArk 1660 with a Yamaha F50 on it. It’s coming with an Alumium prop. I’m thinking of pulling that off and running a stainless prop. I’m going be lake running fresh water fishing and duck hunting and some inshore salt water fishing over in the Stuart, Fort Pierce area. Any advice would be great. Thanks Bubba


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    I'm not sure you would see a measurable gain putting an SS prop on a relativly low horsepower engine. I'd run the prop it comes with and buy a spare. It it were higher horsepower you would see holeshot and top speed gains due to less flex but I am not sure the lower horsepower engines have the torque to flex a prop a noticable amount.

    Others on here may differ - I am not an expert!

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    If the prop that comes on the boat performs as it should, makes recommended RPMs at WOT then I believe you can change out the AL to a SS with only a slight difference in pitch, the prop shop should be able to tell you which way to go with that. I can't remember if you add or subtract an inch. As finbully said you probably won't get much benefit in your set up. A spare AL prop is fairly cheap in case you strike a log or something and break the on on the boat. I have been running mine on my 1448 for a while now and I need to get a spare, been lucky.
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    If your running fresh and salt and duck hunting, stay with an aluminum prop. Hitting something with a ss prop can damage a lower unit. Hitting something with an aluminum prop bends the ear of the prop. As long as too much material isnt missing, they can be beaten back into shape.

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    What benefit are you looking for by changing to stainless prop? That out ways the cost of 3 to 4 times the price of aluminum. You can buy a lot of spare aluminum props for the cost of stainless.
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    Thank you. I’ll most likely just grab a spare Aluminum one. That does make the most sense. Bubba
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    Have you checked for a Yamaha performance bulletin for that specific boat/motor combo?  You should be able to find a report on a very similar rig, if not the identical boat/motor.  I have an Xpress XP16 and Yamaha F40. I found a performance report on both the Xpress website and through the Yamaha website for my rig.  I swapped out my aluminum prop for a Quicksilver stainless prop soon after I got my new rig 3.5 years ago. You can find a SS prop new, for less than $300.  My boat is also aluminum by the way. The reports are very accurate in my experience. I get 32.4 mph with my set up. 
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