Camping Quota Permit System Flawed

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The WMA Quota Hunting and Quota Camping permit system is seriously flawed! If a person is successful and is awarded a specific Quota Hunt Permit that awarded permit should somehow be tied to the issuance of a Camping Permit for the same hunt!  As an example, I was awarded a Quota Permit for Green Swamp West Hog/Dog hunt #9157. I applied for a Camping Permit for the same hunt on 7/27/18 the day the applications opened at 10:00 AM at the Tax Collectors Office. My application was date & time stamped 7/27/18 10:01 AM and yesterday I found out I was UNSUCCESSFUL! How is that possible?  I live two hours away from Green Swamp and now have no place to camp for the hunt! The system is HORRIBLE! 


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    welcome to the party...bohica
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    Need to catch up with the times. Online you need to apply. 
    Text vs usps. 
    Who if faster 
    sorry to hear the problem 
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    Signing up at the Tax Collectors office is applying online which is what I did.  Mailed nothing!
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    Welcome to the forum!  Not sure if you're new to florida or hunting here, but that's a minor inconvenience compared to the other frustrations you are going to find with the quota system. 

    I pulled the same hunt, I didn't even know it was a dog hunt.  Thought it was a still hunt.  Not that I care.  Looking forward to it.  Hopin those dogs move some pigs around as others on here say.  Either way, I would have liked to have known when applying. (didn't realize I had to reference dates with brochures, which is a little cumbersome...)

    I'm sure there's some reasonable campsites around.  It's only a 3 day hunt.  Good luck!
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    Also, that hunt is for Green swamp W and I'm pretty sure those camp permits are for Green Swamp hunting seasons
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    Try booking a cabin in Bahia Honda state park.   
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    hahahahahaha!!!! ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^This
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    Try booking a cabin in Bahia Honda state park.   
    Or a tent site anywhere in the Keys during snowbird season.
  • Soda PopinskiSoda Popinski GrovelandPosts: 10,151 AG
    joekat46 said:
    Try booking a cabin in Bahia Honda state park.   
    Or a tent site anywhere in the Keys during snowbirds season.
    I haven't seen any available period.   It's a joke.   I tried to book a cabin for literally a year from today, nope, all booked up.  And every single day from here to the rapture.  Honestly i'd rather have the things torn down if it isn't possible for the average person to book one.   This whole "good ole boy" network where you have to know a guy is bullcrap.  
    People use statistics the way a drunk uses a street light, for support rather than illumination.
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    Back to the green swamp camping, If your just tent camping its easy to find a place to stay and even if you have a camper, at the 471 camp on the left some of those sights are very large and most don't mind if you ask them if you can leave your trailer for the season. 
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    Nothing wrong with the system. I believe you are conflating GSW and GS on the East side of 471. You do not need a camping permit to camp at GSW. The campground is located right outside the gate and should be accessible the day prior to hunt. All spots are on a first come basis. I always stay at Withlacoochee River Park which is just on the other side of the bridge from check station. Water, electric, and shower house for $25 per night.
    Have fun & good luck
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    Nothing wrong with the system at all :p lol
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    Spangler, Thanks for the welcome! Been hunting in FL for 40 years. Used to hunt with my Dad in Gulf Hammock when I was 14 years old when it was owned by Georgia Pacific. It was great, pretty much could guarantee getting a hog every hunt and back then Gulf Hammock was FREE, no stupid "Use Permits" and there was also camping on the WMA. Been hunting Green Swamp last few years with not much success.
     I also will be hunting GSW #9157 Hog/Dog hunt without a dog and looking forward to it as well. Never hunted without a dog during a hog/dog hunt as you can tell by my previous post. Are there any hard and fast rules you know about shooting a hog scared up by somebody else's dogs? When we hunted in the past, the unwritten rule was if a dog was on the hog or baying/barking and chasing one, it was the dog owners shot to take. Beyond that, all were fare game.  
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    Usually hog dogs if catch are relatively near the hunters, so if you hear the squealing, the dogs have probably caught and the hunters will be on top of things shortly - so you may not want to engage. A trail hound could be miles from the hunter, so if the pig comes by, you're good to shoot. Be prepared to share the game with the dog owner when if they show. Also know this, a dead 150 lb hog appears to be heavier than a 150 lb deer (LOL). Pigs have more surface area on the ground with shorter legs. 
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