Red Eddy or Knot

Curious as to any feedback about this 'Captain'...


  • nicknick Crystal RiverPosts: 4,627 Captain
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    Never met him. Seen him on the water a lot. No issues. 

    That guy “nick” is an a$$hole though. 
  • BillyBilly ChassahowitzkaPosts: 2,672 Captain
    I don't have an issue with Red Ed but I will say he isn't the friendliest guy around. Fished with him about ten years ago ( a friend chartered with him and invited me along) and that was my opinion...which doesn't mean much.

    I've never personally met that "nick" guy but I'm sure he is an a$$hole.

    "And the ocean is howling for the things that might have been..."
  • DOCKSIDEDOCKSIDE Posts: 1,770 Captain

    Yeah, I see Capt Nick all the time. He never lets his female clients flash me when they pass by. So, respectively agree.

    that is all.....

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  • killintimekillintime Posts: 237 Deckhand
    Funny stuff... 

    Well, my first impression of Red Ed is he's a real DB.   He nearly ran over my anchor line, on-plane, within 50ft of my wife scalloping; and I love my wife.  Didn't see a hull number or I would have called it in on the spot.  Every year the googans make scalloping a little less safe, just like mini-season in the Keys.  Pretty sad when the 'local' guide becomes the Googan.  IMO.
  • Doc StressorDoc Stressor Homosassa, FLPosts: 2,366 Captain
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    He has a very high opinion of himself. He introduced himself at an FWC meeting last year as "Captain Scallop" because of his extensive knowledge of the fishery. 

    There are a lot of local guides who are nice guys and few who are DBs.  I don't get the idea that they have special rights on the water because they are trying to make a living. 
  • nicknick Crystal RiverPosts: 4,627 Captain

    This is year has been idiot fest. Im shocked no ones been hit yet. I’ve thrown two under the bus to FWC so far. 

    I get buzzed out there a few times a week. Even had one “guide” do it. Usually a rental boat or pontoon/deck boat. 

    Lime green 24ish “Epic” with some gay lettering on the bow needs one fired below the waterline....
  • mburke001 aka TripleBmburke001 aka TripleB Posts: 1,210 Officer
    Maybe time to have the renters show at the minimum a USCG boating certification. 
  • AC ManAC Man Posts: 4,395 Captain
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  • SlackerSlacker Posts: 1,474 Officer
    Red Ed watched me catch two trout and moved his boat so close his clients could throw in the same spot.
    I also have heard he has problems in his neighborhood.
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