Large decrease in Waterfowl permits this year...

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So without an STA Recap meeting being held this year.. this is late news...

Due to a reduction of permits at STA 3/4 this coming season, it looks like STA waterfowl permits will be reduced by about 400-500 permits for the season.  Last year, spraying caused poor hunting in a few of the STA's.  Yet this year nothing can be guaranteed when the spray boats will be within the STA's  spraying since waterfowl hunting is at the bottom of the list for SFWMD.

It was understood that the FEB which had 100 permits last year was going to be evaluated after the first year with the probability of being able to lift ALL permits within it boundaries.   That will not be the case this year... still 100 permits for this coming season!!


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    ha.. and THEY have our best in mind right. BOHICA
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    Where did spraying cause poor hunting?
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    Why are there 2 of these???
    Tight Lines, Steve
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    It's a challenge.. Is there a moderator here that can merge threads.....
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    surfman said:
    Why are there 2 of these???
    Godvlman loves his drama. 
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    I  answered this comment on the other post on the subject....I will not repeat the entire comment....but the Scientists are running an experiment on a cell we normally hunt on STA 3/4 and there will be no hunting this year...meaning less permits....Remember the similar situation on STA 2...and when the experiment was over the permits were returned...STAs are NOT managed for the duck hunters....we get access when and where we can...
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