Spinning set ups for bottom fishing.

Since snapper seasons finally coming I’ve got enough of an excuse to get a couple more big spin set ups. Decided to go with Twin Power 8000s, good capacity and 60lbs of drag. Loaded them up with 65# invisibraid and figure they can do double duty as bull red and tarpon/ shark reels. Trying to decide on rods, currently have a couple star plasmas I got at a tent sale that are awesome but it was a lot easier to buy with a big discount vrs the new price. What do y’all like in the 20-40 class 6’6”? Prob stick with star or crowder for the lifetime warranty.


  • reeljusticereeljustice Posts: 36 Greenhorn
    I fish a paraflex star rod (6oz jig size) with a saragosa 10000. 65 lb diamond, and a top shot if nessecary. She is beautiful and capable of all things. Her name is Eloise.
  • Colonel AngusColonel Angus Posts: 34 Greenhorn
    I have a 6’6” paraflex with Saragossa 8k. It’s a good versatile setup
  • GuanagatorGuanagator MayportPosts: 361 Deckhand
    Thanks guys I went with the star 6’6”. 
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