Yamaha HPDI Engines

Old Man RiverOld Man River Posts: 75 Greenhorn
Looking for some feedback... please!
Looking at a used boat that has 200 HPDI's with 1300 hours on them- what is opinions on the HPDI's?


  • squidvicioussquidvicious Posts: 521 Officer
    HPDI motors will go down in history as one of the most reliable,bulletproof motors ever produced ! I highly recommend you contract the services of a qualified individual/shop,to check out the motors - run a YDS report and a check out...very important !
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  • m9000m9000 Posts: 1,999 Captain
    Possibly the best 2 stroke Yamaha ever made.  Those motors require a lot of filters that need regular servicing ( annually, etc).  I've run a pair for about 680 hours over 12 years and have had only 2 repairs needed- dead voltage regulator and VST fuel pump.  Get a YDS report.
  • ResinheadResinhead Posts: 9,715 Admiral
    My mechanic says the 200's are practically indestructible but the 225 and 250's are an issue. Said corrosion and overheating is the issue. Never owned the big blocks but just passing along his info. He worked for Yamaha for 30 years before retiring and starting his own gig which he"s been doing for 15 years.
  • ziffleziffle Posts: 147 Deckhand

    As stated the 2.6 liter block is a great motor, the 3.1 have lots of issues.

  • Old Man RiverOld Man River Posts: 75 Greenhorn
    Thanks for the responses- much appreciated!!
    With good & normal maintenance- how many hours might be expected with the HPDI's?
  • TarponatorTarponator Under a BridgePosts: 11,279 AG
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    Mine (a 150HPDI VMAX) is now in its 19th year, if that helps.
  • smooth movesmooth move Posts: 406 Deckhand
    there's a reason they're not made anymore.
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  • RockslamRockslam Posts: 87 Greenhorn
    there's a reason they're not made anymore.

    Because they were too good and weren't getting replaced. 
  • ziffleziffle Posts: 147 Deckhand

    And Yamaha decided to make a marketing/ manufacturing decision to not sell 2 strokes in the US anymore, I have 600 hours on a 2005 HPDI 150 and it has been flawless.  

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