Sister Creek ramp open?

Has Sisters Creek ramp been reopened since the GJKT yet? 


  • livebaitlivebait Posts: 633 Officer
    Launched there Wed. Ramp open, place was even cleaner than it usually is.
  • FondaFonda Posts: 28 Greenhorn
  • southboundchickensouthboundchicken Posts: 711 Officer
    Yes sir you won’t have any problems 
  • FirmanjaxFirmanjax Posts: 379 Deckhand
    That is something that has changed from years past.  They used to close it down for an entire month just because they could.  Thats the ramp I use all the time.  Used to drive me nuts.  Now days its closed for about a week.  Very reasonable for the tournament.  I believe they had it open Sunday after the awards night on Saturday.  Just had to park in the grassy area while they took down all the tents and stuff.  Much better than years ago.  
  • FondaFonda Posts: 28 Greenhorn
    Thanks for the input. Trying out using Sisters Creek as an alternative to Mayport. Tried it out this weekend and it went well. 
  • Sea SnakeSea Snake Posts: 5,250 Admiral
    Yep, that ramp is opened the day after the tournament now......
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