Rods for Mahi trolling with Diawa 8000?

What modestly priced 7' rods would work when paired with a Diawa BG 8000 spinner, setup for a trolling rig for dolphin?

Star Aerial-
Penn Rampage-
Diawa Seagate-
Tackle Direct Silver Hook-
others in this price range?-


  • rivamunstasteverivamunstasteve Posts: 660 Officer
    Of all of those... I do recommend a 20/40 star aerial. Think they make it in a 6’6.  They are $90 I think, but having that little bit of backbone (what you are paying for), you will not regret it. I use 15/30 for a lot of rods. But if I want to troll, 20/40 is NIGHT and DAY. 

    If I do use spinning rods- I use the paraflex 30-180 lb line class . It handles Any fish I hook. Too much money though. 

    But now I have a daughter and a wife. I’m thinking about getting two modest jigging stand up rods. They are very versatile. Can be used for trolling or bottom fishing, or even casting. -just something to think about. Stirring the pot
  • MGDMGD Posts: 1,126 Officer
    The main reason I don't like using spinners for trolling is that there isn't enough backbone to bury the hook when trolling bally. I rig my own w 7/0 SS hooks and I want that backbone. I suppose if its stiff enough and you use braid it would help.
    Just my opinion

  • rivamunstasteverivamunstasteve Posts: 660 Officer
    I agree with mgd... I don’t use spinners now because there is no levered drag. If you use a spinner you have to have the drag fixed, which limits what you can troll. 
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