Lake Ida. Lake Osbourne.

Any reports for either of the above lakes please?


  • mikenavmikenav Posts: 699 Officer
    Saw a bunch of knifefish rolling this week, managed to get one to bite a live shiner. Near John Prince Park. The peacocks have been slow (at least for me) up in the canals just that feed into the lake, but the bass were biting well in the early morning on a purple worm. 
  • davids8477davids8477 Posts: 208 Deckhand
    Thank you Mikenav. 
  • Reel TeaseReel Tease Posts: 657 Officer
    Haven't heard much on the sunshine bass.... are these still around?
  • bmoodybmoody Posts: 962 Officer
    Sunshines are tough in the heat of summer.  They should pick up once it cools down a bit.  I'd look for deep holes now, or try to find them under a school of shad.
  • Reel TeaseReel Tease Posts: 657 Officer
    best time of year to make a trip up that way? and any way to catch them from shore, specifically what part of the lake would you recommend? I would be driving from Miami. never caught one and always wanted to. 
  • mikenavmikenav Posts: 699 Officer
    So, the green X in this picture is John Prince Park. That is a great place to fish from shore. The purple line is the shoreline where we have had great success fishing for everything in that lake. Clown knifefish especially like that pocket for some reason. I would wait until the water cools down quite a bit more and then look for your hybrids...

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