Sun, Fish & Swim

My Freshwater Fishing buddy decided to take our granddaughters down  to spend the night at Compass Lake and maybe troll up a few Bass and Chain Pickerel (Jacks) late yesterday.  They trolled some yesterday and this morning without much action on the Bass & Jacks, so he decided to check out the bream bedding area just in case.  Found a few pretty nice bream in the area. so he rigged them up with ultra lights to tight line the area and the girls picked up a pretty nice box of fish.  Was pretty hot so they would fish a while and swim a while. Great when you can get the youngsters on enough fish to keep their interest B)
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  • Panhandler80Panhandler80 Posts: 7,911 Moderator
    Nice.  Looks relaxing.  Im about ready to get more into that kind of fishing.  Running especiallye pro Bono offshore charters about to wear me out.
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  • micci_manmicci_man Somewhere in FLPosts: 12,587 AG
    Good deal!
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  • stingwraystingwray On the creek Ga, Beach house FL.Posts: 732 Officer
    The smile on the young anglers tells the story. Fun Fun
  • LilOrangeLilOrange Posts: 1,165 Officer
    Nice day right there.  Best of both & swimming.

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  • swampwalkerswampwalker Posts: 1,512 Captain
    Good stuff! With all the red tide issues down here, I'm getting my freshwater tackle out and maybe a cane pole or two....
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