Homosassa Bait Lady

Does anyone know what time she gets out there in the morning?


  • VolFanVolFan Posts: 30 Greenhorn
    Her number is 634-bait.
  • Widespread PanicWidespread Panic Posts: 193 Deckhand
    Bonnie doesn’t keep a certain time schedule but I usually see her heading out at day break. 
  • restlessnativerestlessnative Posts: 2,017 Captain
    Bonnie doesn’t keep a certain time schedule but I usually see her heading out at day break. 
    This. Our place is on mason creek so I pass her house on the way out but she usually beats me, although every now and then we have a morning talk while she is on the way out. 
  • Doc StressorDoc Stressor Homosassa, FLPosts: 2,326 Captain
    She generally checks her pinfish traps right after first light and then sets up just off the channel.  She hasn't been there every day, however.  She wants people to call her to check on the bait situation. She will reserve pinfish and shrimp for you if you call. At least for folks that she knows. 
  • acme54321acme54321 Posts: 322 Deckhand
    Thanks guys, I'll just call her when we go down there.  Last year we ran out right after daybreak and she wasn't there yet which is why I was asking.
  • HARRYDHARRYD Posts: 194 Deckhand
    " Bonnie Is A Character" - Been four or five years back . We stopped and got bait from Bonnie on our way out. Spent the day without me or my two fishing buddies realizing that I failed to turn off docking lights we had used to aid in running the river before day break. Batteries dead. Called SeaTow . Captain Ernie came out and jumped us off and left a loaner battery with us. $300   I have had Sea Tow insurance since that day. Anyway, on the way in Bonnie is still in place. Stopped and asked her if I had remembered her number and called, would she have come out and jumped us off. Being her normal introverted self, she replied " Hell son, for $300 I would have jumped you off naked!! " Some memories just last forever LOL .
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