Mock Scrapes

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Hey guys,

Been thinking about using mock scrapes but have no experience using them. Looking for some help. How many on my property is too products to use etc. Looking forward to hearing your expertise.


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    I have seen that done on tv before but I am not sure I would deploy the tactic for hunting.  I might to see what is on a property for taking trail camera pics by making a mock scrape though.  Years ago we thought hunting scrapes was one of the best ways to hunt.  I have only killed one decent 8 point over a scrape and that was when I was 18.  Once we learned most buck sign at a scrape is made in the middle of the night or most of the time the buck scent checks the scrape from 100 yards downwind is when we quit setting up on them and hunting a scrape.  While I do everything I can on scent control it is not 100% effective.  I do deploy scent when I hunt but that isn't a guarantee either.  I have only had a couple of deer that I was 100% certain they came in to the scent.  Both times can remember it was on the first time I hunted an area so the Tink's 69 was something new to them.  That being said I do use doe pee in the early season, 69 pre and during the rut, have used buck scent and Evercalm so I do use them, just don't think they are the magic bullet.  There has to be someone on this forum that has better knowledge of actually making a mock scrape.  I realize I didn't really answer your question.  Good luck in the woods!
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    I take a shed and scrape out a spot and just pee in it. It must be under a licking branch or the deer don’t seem to use them as much. I like them for camera locations and don’t ever hunt right over them. I try to be downwind and catch deer scent checking them. Ive only been doing this for three years. Some seem to work way better than others. Even does come check them out. I only start them up after that the deer do all the work so to speak.
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    There is a guy on GON that makes his own scrape juice. A mixture of pee and pureed apples. he has some really good camera pics to prove it works.  
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    micci_man said:
    There is a guy on GON that makes his own scrape juice. A mixture of pee and pureed apples. he has some really good camera pics to prove it works.  
    His name is killdee and he also adds ammonia. I've used this formula without the pureed apples. They aren't necessary.

    1 gallon of your own urine
    1 cup of ammonia

    Send me a PM and I'll tell you what I know. Just like anything they can be useful if used in the correct manner.
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